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The Penneys

We are a small independently operated family owned business that actually has 3 facets.  We not only provide lobster tours through Boston Harbor but we are actively involved in the commercial lobster fishery.  During our season (May through November) we fish up to 800 lobster pots.  

Wes and Fred both volunteer as area delegates for the Massachusetts Lobstermen’s Association and are members of the Boston Harbor Lobstermen’s Association,  Boston Harbor Lobstermen’s Co-Op and the National Association of Charterboat Operators.

Annual Festivities to Support Disabled Veterans

We participate in the annual festivities for disabled veterans that are sponsored by the Boston Harbor Lobstermen’s and the Massachusetts Lobstermen’s Associations along with the Quincy Yacht Club, Quincy Police Patrolmen’s Association, Harvey’s Saltwater Fishing Club and a number of other local businesses. Each year Association captains and crews volunteer their time and vessels to treat 240 or more disabled veterans to a day of fishing followed by a meal and entertainment at the Quincy Yacht Club. We are proud to be able to perform a small service for those who have sacrificed so much for all of us.

Local Farmers Markets

Donna and Susan sell our lobsters as well as other fish products at the Billerica Farmers Market and the Lowell Farmers Market from the end of June through October.  We are members of the Commonwealth Quality Products Program. This is a program sponsored by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to assure the consumer of the highest quality Fishery, Farm and Forestry products harvested and processed in Massachusetts. To qualify for this program members agree to follow recommended industry best handling practices. We heartily endorse this program and follow all recommended practices of both the industry and the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries.

Working to Ensure the Safety and Well Being of Our Sea Creatures

Massachusetts based lobstermen were the first to voluntarily adopt measures bringing about the use of whale safe fishing gear. Through the efforts of the Massachusetts Lobstermen’sHumpback Whales in Boston Harbor Association, the International Fund for Animal Welfare and the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries all Massachusetts lobster traps were converted to more whale safe sinking line, knotless buoy lines with 600 lb. breakaway links and a minimum of 3 traps to a trawl with 2 buoy lines. Use of these whale safe measures is indicated by the Massachusetts Whale Safe Green Bands found on our lobsters claws.

We work with Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries scientists on a voluntary basis to aid them in their sea sampling study which allows them to acquire accurate information on the health of the lobster stock. The scientists periodically join us for the day and record critical data such as size, sex, injuries and pregnancy from all of the lobsters that are caught. This information is then used by the Division of Marine Fisheries to aid in maintaining a healthy, sustainable fishery.

We were chartered to the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries for the duration of their Settlement Collector Study where the settlement of newly hatched lobsters was studied and documented by DMF scientists. We were also chartered to the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries for the duration of the ventless trap survey. These specially constructed lobster pots allowed the scientists to obtain a more accurate count of the smaller lobsters that would most often escape the lobster pots that are commonly used in the fishery.

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